The SR1 Direct Supply Difference

We provide access to top quality laptops, from top brands at top prices directly to you.

We understand that in the world we live in today our work and play in most cases revolve around some or other form of technology. We simply just can’t afford to stay disconnected in our daily lives whether in work, play or relationships. Your laptop or computer is a key part of your life and no one wants to struggle with an old outdated and slow machine;

However our mutual foe “Big Boss Business” the corporate retail giant makes it difficult with his super high prices. We understand the frustration having to buy a laptop that is not optimal for you. A new machine that is so slow and under specced that you can barely browse and e-mail. High corporate profits at the expense of Average Joe.

This is why we started the business. Bringing the tech you need at the price you can afford.

You are our priority. Our Team is on standby to give great advice and to assist you with your requirements.


You are our Primary Focus and our Mission is to get “MAIN BRAND” TECH TO YOU, AS AFFORDABLE AS PoSSIBLE.

  • We buy direct from the importer and add minimum margin to bring you the technology you need at the price you can afford.
  • You know what you can afford – select your price range, browse the selection and click “ADD TO CART”, on the items you want. 
  • Add as many items as you deem fit and submit your Order Request.  
  • We prefer insured shipping from PostNet Counter to PostNet Counter. This is the most secure and cost effective.
  • Shipping to remote areas are done through a nominated courier – this has additional cost implications. 
  • We also offer a collection service from our Centurion offices – the most affordable, most secure.

Need a Custom PC Solution?

Do you require something a bit more personal? 
Contact us and we will assist you in building Your dream PC. 

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